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What does Welexit do?

Welexit is on a mission. A mission of empowering people around the world by granting them equal access to legal services. Our goal is to help even the most vulnerable people either find a lawyer, or the answer to a legal question. All at a fee that suits any financial situation.

What is the added value Welexit offers?


Not sure where to start? Don’t worry. Pick up the phone, give us a call, and one of our fully experienced customer success team members will guide you through the process in an easy, and stress-free way. Making the whole process seamless.

The right lawyer

There are thousands of lawyers all across Belgium, but only a few that really suit your needs. Welexit matches you with lawyers that have proven successful track records, and that are able to help you with your specific issue.

How do I find a lawyer with Welexit?

Finding the right lawyer isn’t hard at all. All you have to do is fill out our online form which only takes a couple of minutes, or you can simply call us and we’ll help by filling it out for you. Within a few hours of submission, you’ll find an email in your inbox that contains a list of lawyers who are willing to assist you with your issue.

How much does it cost me to find a lawyer with Welexit?

It is 100% free 🙂

Welexit’s service

What happens after I submit my form?

Once your form has been submitted, Welexit verifies that the information provided is clear. Based on your explanation, Welexit provides you with a list of lawyers most suitable to your issue, and located in your area. You can then choose a lawyer and contact him directly.

I didn’t receive any confirmation email after submission of my form. What could be the issue?

If you’ve checked your spam folder and you still haven’t been able to locate the email, it might be that your form was unsuccessfully submitted. If this happens to be the case, just get in touch! We’ll fill out the form and resubmit for you, or you can try and do it yourself before giving us a call.

Can I use Welexit’s services even if I don’t live in Belgium?

Absolutely! We are here to help anyone in need for legal aid in Belgium, no matter where you live or are currently located. 


How much does it cost me to find a lawyer with Welexit?

It is 100% free 🙂

Is it possible to hire a lawyer for free?

Belgian residents are entitled to free legal aid, if their income is below a certain amount. In this situation, the country pays the fee of your lawyer.

Relationship with lawyers

How do I get in touch with the lawyers Welexit provides me?

You can simply call, or send them an email.

Am I obliged to hire or get in contact with a lawyer provided by Welexit?

We provide you lawyers that are best suited to take care of your issue. However, whether or not you contact one of the lawyers we provide you is completely up to you.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with the services of the lawyer provided by Welexit?

Welexit makes sure to not intervene in the relationship between you and your lawyer. It’s up to the chosen lawyer to offer their services in a professional manner, and since we vet all of the lawyers on our platform before sign up, you’re not likely to run into this issue often. However, with that being said, we invite you to let us know if there are any problems, and we promise to try our absolute best in assisting you.


Will lawyers see my personal details after submitting the form?

No. Any personal details uploaded to our system are of utmost importance to us. It’s a priority to make sure that your personal details are kept completely confidential.

How does Welexit treat my data?

Welexit applies a strict privacy policy. We consider your data as highly sensitive information. As such, we believe that no one should have access to it. 

For more information, check out our Privacy policy.

How can I be sure that the people you connect me with are lawyers?

We make sure that every single lawyer is vigorously vetted before they’re added to Welexits list. As you’re personally in touch with your chosen lawyer throughout the whole process, you’ll also be able to verify that they’re legit yourself.

Still have questions or doubts?

How to reach us

Send us an email at support@welexit.com or call us at +32 (0)2 781 03 32